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Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System (50M Length)

Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System (50M Length)

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Whats Included?

- 1 x 50m Hose
- 1 x Y Type Quick Connector
- 2 x Faucet Connector
- 3 x Quick Connector
- 1 x Teflon tape
- 3 x End Closures
- 50 x Adjustable Drippers
- 50 x Drippers Tees
- 15 x Nozzles
- 15 x Nozzles Tees
- 60 x Ground Inserters

Effortless Plant Care 

Tired of constantly worrying about watering your plants? Say goodbye to the hassle with Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System. Enjoy automatic watering that adapts to your plants' needs, saving you time and ensuring your greenery thrives effortlessly.

Customised & Tailored Watering Solutions

No two plants are the same, and with Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System, you can customise watering for each one. Whether it's adjusting drip heads or temporarily turning off emitters, achieve optimal hydration for your garden, patio, or greenhouse with ease.

Why You'll Love It:

✅ Cuttable hoses for flexible adaptation

✅ Automatic watering for time-saving convenience

Direct connection to threaded faucets or PVC pipes

Adjustable drip heads for customised hydration

✅  Versatile applications including gardening, lawn care, and cooling systems

✅  Easy hassle free installation

✅ Ships from Australia with free delivery

Convenient and Versatile

From lush gardens to serene patio settings, Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System brings convenience and practicality to your outdoor oasis. Easily connect the drip kit to any threaded faucet or PVC pipe, making irrigation a breeze for agriculture, lawn care, or even misting fog cooling by the pool.

Sustainable & Efficient Gardening 

With Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System, water conservation is at your fingertips. Cut down on waste by adjusting water flow to suit different plant needs while enjoying the flexibility to conserve water effortlessly. Embrace sustainable gardening practices without sacrificing convenience.


We stand behind the quality of our Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System, so we're offering a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

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✅ Quality Assurance: Our guarantee reflects our confidence
in the product's quality and performance.

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Common Questions...

Can I adjust the watering schedule for different plants?

Absolutely! With the Gardenly™ Automatic Irrigation Plant System, you can customize watering schedules for each plant by adjusting the drip heads to meet their individual needs.

Can I install it without professional help?

Yes, you can! It is designed for easy installation, and you can set it up yourself without the need for professional assistance. Simply follow the user-friendly instructions provided.

Will it help me save on water bills?

Yes, it will! Our efficient automatic plant irrigation system helps minimize water waste by delivering precise hydration to your plants. By using water more efficiently, you'll notice a decrease in your water bills over time.

Can I use it for purposes other than gardening?

Certainly! It's versatile design makes it suitable for various applications beyond gardening. Whether you need to water your lawn, cool your patio, or maintain a greenhouse.